Real Estate

    Real Estate

    At Duepner Law, we can handle commercial and residential  property transactions on behalf of clients throughout Indiana. We can negotiate contract terms and draft the appropriate applications, documents, and agreements to finalize a real estate transaction.  We work closely with our clients to insure that each transaction is handled efficiently and effectively.

    Real Estate Purchase agreements

    Selling or buying a house can be complicated and overwhelming. In most situations, if you have hired a realtor they will draft this documents for you as past of their commission package. If you already have a buyer or want to make an offer and don’t need other services that a realtor provides, Duepner law can draft a legally binding document in accordance with all state and local rules. Items found within an Indiana purchase agreement include the price, contingencies, down payments, financing options, risk of loss, closing date, etc. Other documents also accompany a purchase agreement. These would include a seller disclosure for, which provides all the details about the property. Depending on the age of the house (older than 1978) a lead disclosure form maybe necessary. In addition to drafting all your documents necessary to buy or sell a home, Duepner law can review these documents as well. Whether you work with a real estate agent or want to brave the process your self, we would be glad to review what you have created to give you the piece of mind that you are on the right track. Many people believe they can not afford an attorney but when it comes to buying and selling a home and the high commissions real estate agents charge, hiring an attorney could save you quite a bit of money in the long run.


    There are many types of real estate deeds out there that all do different things. Many online form banks provide deeds for a small fee. Without speaking to a lawyer directly to know exactly what your intentions are, these forms can often be a pitfall for later litigation and can end up being a vary expensive error. Small phrases or wording that is included or not included can make a huge difference in the outcome of the deed transfer process. Duepner Law has seen it first hand how a saving $100.00 by using an online form ended up costing the grantee nearly 25,000. Deed creation is not very expensive and can be done rather quickly. Contact us today if you need a deed drafted or reviewed.

    Residential or Commercial Leases

    Duepner Law LLC can help draft, edit, or review a commercial or residential lease. Often times the drafter includes clauses and terms that are beneficial to themselves. Many times these can be negotiated or excluded based upon common practices. Having an experienced real estate attorney throughout the lease process can can help protect you from future problems. We have represented both the landlord and the tenant with respects to commercial and residential leases. Having an enforceable lease upfront that both parties agree to can save money and protect your interests and or assets down the road.

    Landlord-tenant disputes often occur when the terms of a lease are ambiguous or left out. In some cases, landlords rent property on the side to make extra cash. Many items must be included within leases. Depending on the whether the lease is commercial or residential some of these apply or do not apply.

    • Rent payment terms
    • Default procedures
    • Notice requirements
    • Security Deposits
    • Duration of the term
    • Renewal rights
    • Common area costs
    • Deposits