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    Music center Arrest

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    Deer Creek, Verizon Music center, Klipsch or now Ruoff Home Mortgage

    Have you been charged with an offense that resulted following a concert at the Music Center? Too often, what is supposed to be an exciting night listening to some good music, and hanging out with your friends leads to a night behind bars in the Hamilton County Jail or other jail. Throughout the years, many people have gone to concerts at Ruoff Mortgage music center (Formerly known as Deer Creek and Verizon), and left with unintended criminal consequences. Almost every Friday night and Saturday night in the summer, Hamilton County sees not only its local residents, but residents all over the state, and surrounding states having multiple people arrested for a variety of offenses at the music center, outside of music center in Hamilton County, and outside of the music center on their way home in surrounding counties outside of Hamilton County. There are often sobriety check points within close proximity of the exits of the music center, and even when there are not, officers are often around on high alert, looking for suspicious behavior. The range of offenses seen at the music center include, alcohol related charges such as public intoxication, minor consumption, operating while intoxicated, and trespass. Several drug offenses are also common at the music center including possession of drugs, or even dealing of drugs. Finally you might see yourself with a resisting law enforcement charge attached to your other charges, if you tried to flee, or otherwise resist arrest.

    These type of charges, all have very fact sensitive issues, that may allow exclusion of evidence. Because of the nature of these offenses, some evidence may be able to be suppressed, which could lead to dismissal of your case. While this is the exception to the rule, rather than the rule, its nevertheless a possibility, and you will want an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side to investigate and analyze your case. Depending on your criminal history, some of these charges may also allow for a diversion or a conditional discharge. To learn more about those processes, check out our page that talks about those more in depth. It’s very important that you contact an attorney, so that they may meet with you, investigate the facts of the case, and allow you move on with your life. As experienced Hamilton County criminal defense attorneys, we are here for you after a mistake that you made on a night at Klipsch, and are prepared to represent you to obtain the best outcome we possibly can.