Criminal Defense

    Criminal Defense

    Hamilton County Criminal Defense Lawyer

    The Hamilton Country Criminal Defense lawyer of Duepner Law practice in many aspect of criminal defense.  Criminal law is something that covers so much more than we could ever provide on this website.  Our Hamilton County Attorneys are well trained in low level misdemeanor offenses to serious felonies such as rape, attempted murder, and burglary cases.  Within the links we have provided on the site, we talk about DUI or OWI, Theft and Conversion, Drug Offenses, Probation Violations or Community Corrections Violations, Sex Crimes, White Collar Crimes, the Diversion program, Juvenile offenses, and Klipsch Offenses.  Even those areas, will have sub areas of the criminal law that might be relevant to your individual case.  For much more in depth information about each one of these things, please check out the links to our other pages on these topics.

    We have successfully represented individuals in all aspects of criminal proceedings including,

    violations of probation,
    protective orders,

    We strive to provide open communication and educate you though the entire process to eliminate the stress during these difficult times.  Duepner law has represented criminal defendants in all central Indiana Counties.