Business Law

    Cease and Desist

    Need a Hamilton County Attorney to write you a cease and desist letter? Duepner Law is your answer!

    Cease and desist letters can be a very effective tool to secure your rights without the cost of initiating a lawsuit.  It is the first step to prevent a company or individual from performing illegal activity.  It often contains language threatening legal action if the illegal activity doesn’t not stop.

    When is it proper to send a cease and desist letter?

    This is just a list of some of the reasons a cease and desist letter would be sent by Duepner Law.

    • Breach of Contract Claim such as Non-compete agreements
    • Copyright, Trademark, or Patent Infringement
    • Defamation claims including libel and slander
    • Illegal conduct by debt collectors
    • Harassment
    • Misappropriation of business secrets
    • Nuisance violations