Personal Injury

    Personal Injury

    At Duepner Law LLC our personal injury attorneys advocate for those who have been harmed due to the wrongful actions of others. A personal injury attorney will prepare your case to win at trial, but can strongly negotiate settlements on behalf of our clients. We pride ourselves with legal guidance and open communication at a personal level to achieve the outcome desired by you.  We understand that being seriously injured in an accident or that the sudden loss of a loved one is life changing and we are here to help. If you or a loved have been seriously injured in an accident in Indianapolis, Hamilton County, or anywhere else in Indiana contact Duepner Law today to schedule a free consultation.   To learn More about certain cases we handle click on the links to find out more.   Have a personal injury attorney review your case today for free by giving us a call.   If your injury limits your ability to travel, no worry, a personal injury attorney at Duepner Law will come to you to discuss your case.

    Types of Personal Injury cases that we handle;

    Auto accidents,
    Truck accidents,
    Workplace injuries,
    Slip and falls,
    Products liability,
    Dog bits,
    Intentional torts such as battery,
    Wrongful death cases.

    These are just some of the most common types of claims but there are many other unique situations that we have handled.

    What will a Personal Injury Attorney at Duepner Law Cost?

    We handle most cases on a contingency-fee basis, which means we only get compensated when your case reaches a positive outcome.  There is no up front cost and you pay nothing in the end if we are unsuccessful with your claim.  We typically cover all costs and expenses of the litigation until final settlement or an award is reached.  We strive to secure the highest settlement possible on your behalf, which includes negotiating with insurance companies, attorneys, and lien holders.