Duepner Law LLC is located just north of Indianapolis, Marion County Indiana, and is a leader in Indianapolis Expungements.   Attorney Joe Duepner grew up in the Indianapolis area and is familiar with the judges, documentation, and procedures to effectively handle your expungement case in Marion County.  As the largest jurisdiction and the Capital of Indiana, Indianapolis sees more expungements than any other county in Indiana.  Small nuances in procedure and paperwork can turn a fairly simple expungement process into a long-drawn-out one.  We have successfully handled numerous expungement petitions in Marion County from High-level felonies to Misdemeanors and know what it takes to get the result you desire.    If you are not able to meet at our office located in Noblesville, we would be glad to set up a meeting at a location that works better for you.  We are also able to completely handle expungements from start to finish over the phone and through email.  The Expungement process in Indianapolis typically takes about 60-90 days.  The Marion County Prosecutor that handles the expungement cases typically files a motion for an extension of time in just about every case.  This motion is typically granted by the judge which delays the process for a short period.  However, with the proper paperwork and review by Duepner Law it is likely that the prosecutor will not object.  This can make the process much easier by avoiding a hearing.

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Most all cases will qualify eventually and Duepner Law has expunged cases from OWI, theft, battery, burglary, drug possession, etc.   The first requirement to become eligible is the time frame:

All Misdemeanors – 5 years from the date of the conviction
D Felonies (level 6) – 8 years from the date of the conviction
Most Higher Felonies =8 years from the conviction date or 3 years from the completion of the person’s sentence.
(Marion County, however, is the only county that I have experienced that will allow a reduction in the time frame and may consent to certain major crimes.)

There are many more requirements but the time frame, from experience, seems to be the biggest issue when determining eligibility.  If you are past the time frame required, contact Duepner Law to discuss your case free of charge.  You only get one chance in life to expunge your record and if denied you must wait 3 years before you can refile.  The Expungement process is fairly inexpensive and worth contacting an experienced Indianapolis Expungement Attorney to make sure your case is handled properly.  Click here To learn more about Indiana Expungements.