Clinton County Expungements.

Duepner law has handled many expungements in Clinton County as well as throughout all of Indiana.  Having filed hundreds of cases, Duepner law is extremely experienced in getting the job done properly and efficiently without breaking the bank.  If you have a case in Clinton county and want it expunged to restore your gun rights, voting rights, or need to secure better employment, an expungement might be for you.  You can find more information about expungements here.  Here is a quick tip to save you some time.  The most disqualifying event that we see is the time frame.

1- Case was dismissed- must wait one year from the arrest.

2- Misdemeanor- must have 5 years of clean history

3. Felony- must have 8 years of clean history.

There are other requirements but this is a starting point.  Any conviction in Clinton County or elsewhere will start the time period over. If you have a case that you would like to expunge or see if it qualifies please contact 317-450-0044 or

Clinton County Courthouse